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Rural Broadband Targeted at Connected Britain Conference

The Svella Connect executive team attended recent industry and customer events to strengthen partnerships and learn about local and national developments planned for the future.

Connected Britain was a two-day conference focusing on the future of UK connectivity with key speeches and seminar sessions from customers Virgin Media 02 and Openreach.

The conference centred on the digital connectivity that is evolving across the UK and addressed key topics such as rural build, design and capacity in the PIA networks.

Graeme Undy said: “We heard from various panel sets on areas of focus and improvement that are being sought to ensure we are ahead of the wider utilities that are working in the same streets and towns across the UK.

“The show also allowed us to meet various suppliers, current and potentially new, looking at new ways of working via investment in technologies such as splicing solutions, ribbon splicing and planning and mapping tools to help drive forward the future of installations across the network.

“Some interesting facts that came out from the event included that 36% of rural communities are unable to access superfast broadband, with them receiving less than 300mbs. There is £6 billion of secured funding for connecting rural regions and this is a growth area that covers 285 market town areas.

“Openreach have secured 120 government contracts to build out rural coverage on top of the 600,000 ultra rural connections they are working on currently. Project Gigabit is a large growth area and one we can support with in the future.”


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