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Cyber Essentials Certification Awarded As Svella Connect Ramps Up Cyber Security

Svella Connect has achieved its Cyber Essentials certification after introducing additional measures to prevent cyber attacks – an essential part of protecting the business and operating to IT standards required by customers.

The Svella Connect IT team met the verification criteria after a lengthy safeguarding process to ensure that all the necessary infrastructure and security measures were in place.

With organisations continuing to face significant and increasingly complex cybersecurity threats, maintaining internet defences is a crucial part of any company’s IT strategy.

Cyber Essentials will help to reassure current customers and potential new clients that Svella Connect is working to protect against cyber attack and takes its online security seriously. Some Government contracts which require the handling of sensitive or secure information insist on the certification.

Craig Greatorex, Svella Connect IT Director, said that gaining the Government-approved Cyber Essential certification was a significant and vital milestone for his team, which includes Technical Operations Manager Mike Swanwick and IT Compliance Analyst Shane McGregor.

Craig added: “The work started a long, long time ago to put us in a position where we could apply for this.

“It is quite complex and quite convoluted and has involved a lot of hard work across the IT team. Every person within the team has played their part in making sure we have the right controls in place.

“It was very important that we achieved this. The certification is required by our customers and they’re pleased to see that we have achieved it.

“It is something that a lot of businesses now require before awarding contracts. Bigger clients want the peace of mind of knowing that you are secure and that you take these issues very seriously.”


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