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Importance Of Using E-Track Properly & Accurately

The use of E-track is crucial to ensure our business operates successfully and it’s the key tool to connect our office-based project and work planning employees with those operatives out in the field.

That’s the message from Svella Connect Operations Director Karen McKenzie as she highlights the need for everyone to properly use the E-track system.

“E-track is our go-to platform to connect workstream planning, operations, reporting and invoicing, so it’s vital that everyone uses it correctly and accurately,” explained Karen.

E-track is used as follows:

· To host and cascade work planning and permits, to ensure we are compliant and carry out work as per our customers’ request and to their required specification.

· To record completed work and recover any additional revenue that may be due for extra work around AsBuilt drawings, fibre splicing or reinstatement.

· As a reference tool for queries and confirmations following the completion of work.

· To underpin all our commercial operations including reviewing costs, identifying efficiencies and invoicing work to customers.

“The information from E-track plays a crucial role in allowing us to drive our business forward by ensuring all relevant work is invoiced correctly, but also allowing us to accurately use real-life data to make our business more efficient, productive and financially sustainable.

“It’s also pivotal in helping us deliver the service our customers demand as part of their contracted works. So I can’t stress enough the importance of accurate use to ensure, long-term, we all benefit from the future success of the business.”

If anyone requires refresher training in E-track please contact your line manager.


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