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Reminder On Responsibilities Around Van & Vehicle Security

All drivers of Svella Connect vans are being reminded of their responsibilities and asked not to leave keys in the ignition of unattended vehicles.

All company vehicles should be locked when unoccupied.

While there is a temptation to nip away from the vehicle and leave the engine running to clear steamed up or icy windows as the weather gets colder, that should be avoided in all circumstances.

Graeme Undy, Svella Connect Managing Director, said: “There are all sorts of possible negative consequences to leaving the keys in the ignition of company vehicles.

“The obvious danger is one of theft – why would we make it so easy for thieves? Also, many insurance policies for theft or malicious damage are voided if the keys are left in the vehicle.

“And, although not many people appear to know it, it is an offence under the Road Traffic Act to leave the engine running in an unattended vehicle.

“It is important that all colleagues look after company property, and that applies particularly to company vehicles when the consequences of negligence can be so harmful.”


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