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connecting communities                                                                  empowering digitalisation                                                                          delivering the future

connecting communities, empowering digitalisation, delivering the future.

Svella Connect is a provider of critical digital infrastructure, supporting urban and community development by connecting business and home networks with the future.

We facilitate modern living by providing a range of digital support services to local authorities and communications providers to create sustainable and responsible digital infrastructure networks.


delivering the infrastructure to power the UK's digital transformation

helping businesses become more efficient, streamlined and sustainable through of digital transformation

svella connect

connecting families, communities and companies

our services

helping the UK  to hit its net zero targets and protect the planet

ESG strategy

network design & build specialists

our services

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building the digital infrastructure to connect tomorrow's world today

We are transforming services for businesses and homes across the UK.

These improvements are vital for our economy and our planet and, by improving connectivity across the country, we are helping to build a modern, greener Britain and a modern, greener world.

A fully connected country will see a reduction in inequalities between and within regions and can power Britain forward as a digital trailblazer.


Helping the UK hit its Government-set target of full fibre coverage by 2033 and for the majority of the population to be covered by a 5G signal by 2027. 

Designing and building electric vehicle public charging infrastructure to support the Government ‘s goal for net zero emissions by 2050 and drive the mainstream use of electric vehicles.

helping the UK meet its digital and emissions targets

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