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Adding Up the Benefits Of Embracing Equity

Accountancy used to be a man’s world – but not anymore.

That’s the message from Emily Renshaw, 26, one of the management accounts team at Svella Connect. And she should know, having had previous experience in a male-dominated office environment.

“When I worked as a manager for a previous employer, it was pretty much all men,” she says. “That wasn’t a problem, but with Svella Connect there’s a much more even split, which is good to see and to be a part of.”

Emily’s job is to ensure the financial side of the business runs smoothly, and in her management accountant position she oversees the purchase ledger. And although she is a qualified chartered accountant, Svella Connect has also provided her with opportunities for further training and career development.

“In the last few months, I’ve enrolled on the Management Essentials programme which has been very instructive,” she says. And with women making up more than 30 percent of participants, the development programme is another example of how the gender gap is closing at Svella Connect.”

Nicola Arrowsmith, Svella Connect People Director, added: “As part of our vision to be the employer of choice in the telecoms industry, we want to build workplaces where women can thrive. The theme of International Women’s Day is embracing equity and that helps bring awareness to the importance of women, diversity and inclusion in the workplace, and the equality that follows.

“Equity is about ensuring everyone across the business has the support they need to result in equality and fairness – and we are proud of the ongoing work in Svella Connect to deliver engaging and sustainable workplaces.

“Manager Essentials, our management development programme, is helping skill our managers of the future to underpin our long-term growth.”


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