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Catching Up With Commercial Director Gareth Hughes

As a keen cricketer, Gareth Hughes is used to fending off the occasional full toss.

As Svella Connect’s newly-appointed Commercial Director, he is more than ready for the twists and turns his role is bound to throw his way.

“My job is to ensure the commercial arm of the company works in tandem with our operational teams on the ground, and I’m already aware of the areas I need to focus on,” Gareth says.

“It’s going to be a challenge – but I like a challenge.”

Those areas include overseeing commercial agreements, pricing and ensuring there is a robust supply chain in place to support business operations.

“It’s important that teams in the field understand the role they play in the smooth and successful running of Svella Connect projects,” he says.

“But they can’t do that unless supply chains are strong enough to meet our needs in terms of pricing, quality and performance.”

Formerly Group Commercial & Finance Director at telecoms infrastructure business Comvergenta, Gareth brings front-line experience to the job. He’s also in the final stages of completing an MBA qualification at Manchester Business School.

“Every business is different,” he says, “but the same rules apply if you want to be successful, and I’m looking forward to playing my part in helping Svella Connect grow.”


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