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Embracing Tech To Help Power New Van & Tool Investment

Svella Connect is expanding the use of its successful Webfleet tracking and telematics technology to encompass vehicles, tooling and small plant as part of a significant new investment.

The entire van fleet will soon begin to be completely refreshed with tools and small plant being purchased rather than hired, which will be more cost-effective.

Simon Cartwright, Svella Asset Services Managing Director, said: “Moving away from hiring plant and tools to purchasing them is another huge investment and we need to protect that investment and have greater visibility of the condition and location of those assets.

“We’ve rolled out new functionality on the Webfleet system including a new app to track compliance for vehicles and small plant.

“The app allows users to easily record the condition of tyres, fluids and lights for example, and confirm all tooling and small plant is present and correct. The whole system is very user-friendly and quick to use, and will ensure we have the correct equipment in the correct vans.

“With all vehicles and small plant tracked and tagged, we have improved visibility to ensure items are not removed from vans without authorisation, which can cause operational problems and costly delays.”


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