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Focus On Pedestrian Safety During Groundworks

It is the responsibility of all Svella Connect staff on groundworks projects to ensure that passing pedestrians are kept safe.

To ensure that, it is vital that we comply with all signing, lighting and guarding regulations for all works in public areas.

Gary Thistlethwaite, Svella Connect’s Safety and Risk Director, said: “It is our duty to protect people from both the works and passing traffic, so it’s imperative that everyone knows how to set up signing, lighting and guarding effectively.

“In order to do this you must provide a suitable barrier system that safely separates pedestrians from hazards and provides a safe route suitable for people using wheelchairs, mobility scooters, prams or pushchairs. Always be on the lookout for pedestrians who seem confused or who are having difficulty negotiating a temporary route, and be prepared to offer assistance.

“We should always take extra care to make sure visually impaired people are taken into account and provision made for their safety.”

If the work is obstructing a footway, safe routes for pedestrians should include access to adjacent buildings and public areas, where necessary. A route that keeps pedestrians safely on the footway should be used wherever possible.

The footway should be an absolute minimum of 1m wide and ideally at least 1.5m wide.

Bear in mind the following questions when planning a route:

Will someone using the road or footway from any direction understand exactly what is happening and what is expected of them?

Have I made the site safe to work in and for the general public?

In situations where it is difficult to plan or execute a safe route, always call your supervisor for advice.


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