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Kirkby Move Completes Trio Of New Svella Connect Offices

The much-anticipated move to new offices at Kirkby in Ashfield was completed successfully in January. Replacing the old Huthwaite site, the new depot offers modern office and workspaces, enhanced facilities and bigger parking areas for both office and work vehicles.

There’s a large warehouse with pallet racking to provided additional storage and warehouse management systems, these systems will offer the latest technology to efficiently manage stockholding and inventory.

Operations Director Karen McKenzie said: “We would like to thank everyone, especially the operational teams, for ensuring the move went so smoothly. It’s a significant undertaking to move office locations over a weekend with challenges around IT and the movement of stock.

“Luckily our planning and the excellent execution by our teams ensured there were no major problems.

“The new location provides many office and operational advantages and completes our commitment to deliver new locations for all three regional offices.”


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