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Lock It Or Lose It - Again!

Despite recent communications around vehicle security, a number of Svella Connect vehicles have been stolen – further highlighting the need for all drivers to lock their vehicles and never leave the keys in the ignition.

It is the driver’s responsibility to look after the vehicle, any company equipment inside it and the keys.

Gary Thistlethwaite, Svella Connect’s Safety and Risk Director, said: “Under no circumstances are keys ever to be left in the ignition or inside the vehicle while it is left unattended.

“This is such a simple thing to do to make sure that the company does not continue to lose such valuable assets to theft.”

During wintry conditions there may be a temptation for drivers to leave their van’s engine running while they carry out other tasks, but this is strictly forbidden.

Non-compliance with our security policy can lead to disciplinary action so the message is simple – lock it or lose it.

Meanwhile, a van was recently damaged after hitting a structure – all drivers should be aware of the height, length and width of their vehicles to ensure that they are driven safely at all times.


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