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Managing To Make Progress At Svella Connect

In a role which sees her overseeing a team of 16 male employees – most of whom are much older than her – Teegan Parker could be forgiven for feeling a bit intimidated.

Suggest this to the 24-year-old Civils Team Manager, however, and she’s having none of it.

“The fact that I’m a woman makes no difference whatsoever to the way I work with the team, and the way they interact with me,” she says. “They all have respect for me, and listen to what I have to say, so I don’t have any major issues.

“I wouldn’t expect there to be. Everybody here is highly professional and knows how to get on with the job.”

Teegan was elevated to a manager’s position at the end of last year. But having previously worked as scheduling co-ordinator for the same department in Yorkshire, she established a rapport with the team and any nerves about the how the relationship might change following her promotion were quickly dispelled.

“It’s obviously more of challenge now, because I have a wider role. But in terms of the relationship I have with the lads, it’s still brilliant. Most of them are older than me, but it doesn’t make any difference.”

Teegan would like to see more women in management positions, but says that the current male/female split at Svella Connect is a good start.

“There’s a way to go, but that divide is definitely being addressed.”

Graeme Undy, Managing Director at Svella Connect, said: “Our people are vital to the success of the business, that’s why we are continually investing in skills and providing career development opportunities.

“We want colleagues to establish long-term careers in the telecoms industry alongside Svella Connect and Teegan is a great example of what’s possible for anyone who aspires to move their career forward.

“This International Women’s Day, we really want to highlight the fact that we are embracing equity as an inclusive and unbiased employer.”


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