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Meet Lucas Rowland

Lucas Rowland is a Project Engineer and works closely with delivery supervisors to ensure the smooth-running of all Svella Connect jobs. He is involved with overseeing the trackers, which are a key part of planning and progress monitoring for every project.

Where the job involves digging, Lucas also liaises with council to ensure the location and excavation details match the co-ordinates of the job in question. He also covers the measuring and drawing up of civils works from site.

Lucas has been with Svella Connect since 2021. Previously, he was an installation engineer on projects involving the Openreach and Virgin Media networks. This involved installing Wifi routers, telephone lines – or both, in some cases.

A head for heights was required, as the job often entailed climbing telegraph poles to either fix faults or feeding new cable from the pole into the property.

When he’s not at work, you’ll find Lucas weight training and burning off the stresses of the day at his local gym. He’s also a keen footballer, and plays twice a week.

“I really enjoy my role, because it varies daily,” explained Lucas. “Some days I might be in the office working on the trackers, others I am out on site seeing what work we are completing or have completed. I have a really good relationship with the team around me, which keeps me motivated and focused to do well and progress.”


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