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Meet Rachel Fox

In her previous life as a primary school teaching assistant, Rachel Fox found she was spending almost as much time helping the grown-ups as the children.

“Because I was the only one who knew how the computers worked, they’d always ask me to fix the system when it broke down,” she said.

“Eventually I thought, why don’t I have a crack at doing this for a living?”

“So after nine years in education, I switched to the hi-tech world of telecoms and never looked back.

Her new job, as a Desktop Support Analyst in the IT department of Svella Connect, still required her tech skills – only on a far grander scale. Now Rachel is the first port of call whenever there’s a computer issue in the office or in the field.

She and the team at Kirkby in Ashfield play a crucial role in ensuring the smooth running of operations across the company.

“I spend my days firefighting,” she says. “But every job is a challenge and a puzzle, and solving problems is what I really enjoy. The IT department’s hotline is always busy, and solutions to problems need to be found quickly.”

“The job keeps me on her toes, but in my own time I’ve also been expanding my own knowledge database. I’m currently studying for an IT degree with the Open University, and in the meantime I’ve recently acquired a further two qualifications.”

Earlier this year she was awarded an MD-101 Explore application management badge, and also earned a qualification as an NSE 3 Network Security Certified Associate from Fortinet.

“Things change very quickly in this industry, and studying for qualifications like these are a good way to keep right up to date with the latest developments,” she says.


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