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Meet Sarah Keeling

Sarah is a Delivery Manager for trunk routes, looking after all the new-build sites for the major trunk routes for our customers Virgin Media and Openreach. That includes installing all the network, any civils and any cabling through to fibre splicing. It involves all the surveying work and executing all of the plans.

"I literally enjoy everything about the job – it is so varied," said Sarah. "It is fast-paced and no two days are the same. It is all about bringing a project from infancy right through to completion, that is what really satisfies me.

"I enjoy putting a plan in place and watching it being executed. I was in civils before this and I wanted to do more cabling to see what it offered. I love the unpredictability and problem-solving aspects of the role.

"I joined Svella Connect in February 2022 but I have worked in the telecoms industry for 15 years and have achieved several values awards for achievements such as the planning and delivery of multiple projects, building process implementation and mirroring and rolling out different ways of working across the business.

"The communication has got so much better since I joined Svella Connect – there was nothing at first. Messages are getting through to us now but I think there could be even more done to upgrade the company systems to make sure everyone knows just how good the system is and what can be done on it. When I tell people just what we can do on it, they are amazed.

"I have a one-year-old son, Rio, so he takes up a lot of my time. We are really looking forward to this Christmas with him. He knows a bit more about what is going on now and is always going at 100mph. When I get a bit of spare time I like to work out at the gym and I enjoy horse-riding.

"I volunteer at a local centre which provides coordinated forensic, medical and aftercare services to men and women who have been victims of rape or sexual assault. It is open to anyone in Coventry and Warwickshire. We are just trying to help people through a difficult time and it is really rewarding."


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