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Meet Steve Talbot

Steve Talbot is a senior civils team operative based from the Huthwaite depot.

“I work on residential sites, building the cabinets on site and doing all the work that is necessary for the cablers to follow us and complete the residential connections.

“I’m based in Huthwaite but the work on the Virgin Media contract means we cover most of Derbyshire and Leicestershire too.

“I like working in different places each day, I wouldn’t like being in the same place every day. I enjoy being in the outdoors and it is good to know we are providing the pipelines so that people can get connected to high-quality fibre broadband.

“I have been here for 14 years. I was a labourer for a number of years and have had a gang for seven years. There are two of us who go to jobs together.

“Outside work, I used to do taekwondo and kick boxing. I got to be a blue belt in taekwondo and it was a good way to keep fit. The kickboxing I did just for fun. I didn’t have any proper contests or fights, just what we would do in the class.

“I’m also a fully qualified butcher. I did it as an apprenticeship, straight from leaving school at 15 until I was 22. The reason I did it – my mum told me to go out and get a job. The wages weren’t very good though so I moved on to other things.”


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