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New Digital Tachograph Downloaders Installed To Enhance Compliance

Reacting swiftly to suggestions from colleagues, Svella Asset Services has invested in tachograph downloading hardware at each of its operating centres.

This will allow our vocational driving colleagues to easily download their tachographs with no operational disruption and help support our goal of “world class” in Operator Licence compliance.

The tachograph downloading hardware has been installed at:

  • Birmingham

  • Swadlincote

  • Huthwaite

  • Barnsley

  • Leeds

  • Warrington

Each download takes no more than 20 seconds and allows for the timely transmission of data and associated analysis by the compliance team at Asset Services.

“A key theme at the Re-Connect sessions concerned the absolute and non-negotiable requirement to be compliant,” said Paul Russell, who is legally accountable for our adherence to the standards of Operator Licencing.

“The downloading equipment is essential in supporting us to achieve this goal. The timely transmission of data will allow us to quickly identify and target any knowledge gaps from among our vocational driving colleagues and support our pursuit of being a ‘world class’ operator.”

Card downloading in progress. Download complete.


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