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New Safe Dig Campaign To Raise Awareness Of Ongoing Utility Strikes

A new campaign highlighting the importance of safe digging to avoid utility strikes has been launched across Svella Connect.

Safe dig posters will be on display across all sites and operatives in the field will be provided with reminder cards, listing a number of points to consider both before and during digging and excavation works.

Safety & Risk Director Gary Thistlethwaite said: “Utility strikes create unnecessary stress with our customers, lost time and financial penalties – and they are usually all avoidable by following the proper processes and procedures.

“To highlight that utility strikes are still an issue in the business and to remind people of the correct steps to take and what to look out for, we’ve created the Safe Dig campaign.

"Individual cards will be issued and an online tool, accessible by all mobile devices, is about to be launched to deliver even more guidance on safe excavation works.”


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