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New "The Hub" - SharePoint-Based Intranet Portal

Svella Connect has launched "The Hub", a new company intranet portal powered by SharePoint designed to provide employees with a one-stop-shop for accessing important company information including policies, procedures, risk assessments and method statements.

One of the key features of The Hub is FieldAssist, which allows employees to access vital documents on-the-go via their mobile devices, ensuring they always have the information needed to perform their jobs safely and effectively.

Gary Thistlethwaite, Safety & Risk Director at Svella Connect, said: “The Hub is a great tool and an important step in the right direction to make our company information accessible to all employees.

“The app has been pushed out to all company devices, which means that accessing vital documents is now fast and easy. This is especially important for our field teams, who need to access information while on the go.”

The launch of The Hub is part of Svella Connect's ongoing efforts to improve its communication and collaboration capabilities, as well as to streamline its internal processes. The company recognises that effective communication and collaboration are essential to maintaining a safe and productive workplace and The Hub is just one example of the company's commitment to these values.

Employees can access The Hub by logging into the SharePoint App on your mobile device, or by visiting in a web browser. The platform is accessible to all employees, regardless of their location or role within the company.

With its easy-to-use interface and comprehensive library of resources, The Hub is poised to become an invaluable resource for Svella Connect employees for years to come. Content is being added on a daily basis and the team welcomes feedback from colleagues on what they wish to see in the app.


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