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New Vans Boast High Spec Safety & Operational Features

The fleet of new Mercedes and MAN vans currently set to join the Svella Connect business in January boast a range of high-specification features, specifically to enhance operator health, safety and compliance.

Onboard axle weighing systems will ensure safety and legal compliance by monitoring axle weights and ensuring the vehicle and individual axles are not running over-weight.

Exterior lighting includes compliant warning beacons and high-powered LED lighting covering the nearside loading door and rear work area, again to enhance operator safety.

The vans feature modern, durable racking systems with heavy-duty ply lining and metal options to ensure longevity. There is standardised storage design, non-slip flooring and in-built lashing points to improve load security.

On-board sanitisation stations have also been included, using a hygienic dry soap and paper system to combat the risk of water-borne infections.


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