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Re-Connect Staff Induction Sessions Launched At Svella Connect

More than 650 employees have attended a week-long series of induction sessions held by telecoms and digital infrastructure provider Svella Connect and sister company Svella Asset Services.

Aimed at both new and existing staff, the sessions provided a thorough overview of the company’s ethos, mission and vision, focusing on Svella’s commitment to innovation and excellence in customer service.

They also saw the launch of a new range of staff uniforms, branded PPE and workwear, which was distributed to all employees as part of the event.

Attendees heard about investment across all areas of the businesses to create a platform for future growth and the sessions covered topics across quality, environment, health and safety, reinforcing the importance of safe working practices and risk management.

There was also more information around the various employee support packages provided by the business and details on how colleagues could help shape the company’s future culture and values.

The inductions were held at centres in Leeds, Warrington and Nottingham, and staff were also given access to a new online employee handbook.

Gavin Davies, Svella Connect Managing Director, said: “We’ve seen a rapid expansion of our business since the turn of the year, with dozens of skilled jobs being created on top of existing staff roles across Yorkshire, East Midlands and the North West.

“We’ve achieved a huge amount over the last six months, from investing across the business to help fuel continued growth to assessing technology which will help us utilise real-time data to improve processes and customer service.

“It’s vital that everyone feels they have a stake in Svella Connect and can share in our success, and these induction sessions are a valuable opportunity for people to learn more about the company and, most importantly, know that they are an invaluable part of it.”

Michael Rennicks, a Delivery Manager at Svella Connect, said: “The session was a great chance to see the investment in our people and the continued efforts to make us industry leaders.

"It was great to hear from the directors and senior team on the direction we intend to take to be the go-to company in the telecoms sector, and the roll-out of new, branded PPE was really welcomed.”

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