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Residential Connections Improvements Draw Customer Praise

A restructure, focus on operational improvement and skills training have resulted in the Connections business unit delivering its highest levels of performance this quarter. Completions have increased by 25% from last quarter, and it’s thanks to a focus on delivery performance and efficient working.

in January the number of operatives each manager was responsible for was reduced from around 50 to 14. This has allowed managers to get out into the field more, visit their teams at least once a week and help drive an improved performance through coaching and advising on efficient working.

Alongside the continuation of pay incentives and upskilling colleagues to deliver more overhead works in-house, the new approach is paying dividends.

Jamie Moorhead, Connections Business Unit Director, said: “We restructured our manager to operative ratio significantly, which is providing more hands-on support in the field and delivering improved levels of productivity with completions increasing by 25%.

“That has allowed us to recruit more managers internally and provide some interesting career progression opportunities.

“We’ve also brought all the overhead work in-house by upskilling a 15-strong team, which again has given us greater control and enhanced productivity.

“Alongside all of this, we’ve committed to continue pay incentives, which allow colleagues to benefit from significant productivity bonuses for exceeding targets.

“The feedback from our customer Virgin Media at all levels has been positive so we’d like to thank and congratulate colleagues across the business for delivering these improvements.”


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