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See It, Report It Already Simplifying Mobile Hazard Reporting

Svella Connect’s new See It, Report It hazard and incident reporting system is up and running.

The new mobile-accessible system will improve health and safety across the business, allowing colleagues to report incidents or potential hazards online by scanning a QR code.

With posters now in place around all our workplaces, stickers in all Svella Connect vans and reminder cards available for all staff, anyone can now simply scan the QR code and quickly enter the details into the bespoke app via the drop-down menus.

It is easy to upload photographs and real-time reports can be made anonymously if desired.

Jason Olsson

Jason Olsson, Stores and Facilities Manager at Warrington who raised a recent report, said: "It was really easy and simple to use to get the report submitted, which is what we like." Darren Eddowes, Health & Safety Manager for Svella Connect, said: "The new system has now been rolled out and is steadily being grasped. The tool is great for recording data, from near misses to hazards and it also allows pictures to be included.”

“The benefit of this application is you do not need an account to log any issues, just scan the QR code and you’re straight into the system.”

Svella Connect’s Safety and Risk Director Gary Thistlethwaite says: “The reason we got this system in place as quickly as we could is that it really can go a long way to preventing serious accidents and injuries, with everyone in the business being able to do their bit in a no-fuss manner to help keep themselves and their friends and colleagues safe.”

For assistance and support with any health and safety matters, please contact your manager or safety representative.


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