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Svella Academy Launches 300 Online Courses To Boost Learning & Skills

Svella Connect is continuing its commitment to investing in skills and employee development with the launch of Svella Academy, giving all colleagues access to more than 300 online e-learning courses.

The new learning management system gives everyone in Svella Connect unrivalled access to opportunities for upskilling and growth. It simplifies training management and improves the learning experience for users.

Andrew Short, Training Manager, said: “Svella Connect has the vision of being the employer of choice in the industry and this is another important step towards that. We are investing in people and giving everyone the ability to upskill – that can only be a good thing for them and for Svella Connect.

“We want to help people succeed and Svella Academy gives everyone access to all the tools they need. Every aspect of our work is covered by the e-learning courses, from compliance and health and safety to business support and mental wellbeing, so everyone in the business can benefit.”

Training sessions are currently being carried out, both face to face and via Teams to ensure that everyone gets the most out of the system.

The system enables Svella Connect to track current levels of compliance across the organisation – an essential feature, especially for colleagues working in roles where strict Streetworks regulations must be adhered to.

Andrew added: “This is a really user-friendly system which gives people the chance to easily manage their own compliance and training and be really pro-active about their personal development.

“We feel it is vital that employees feel part of the culture of Svella Connect which, alongside our new Svella Connect values, is about growth – both personal and as a business. By providing accessible, exciting training opportunities we will improve both productivity and employee retention, ensuring the best people in the industry are working at Svella Connect.”

Courses can be accessed quickly and easily via QR code, phone, tablet or PC.


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