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Svella Connect Celebrates Equality On International Women’s Day

Svella Connect is marking International Women’s Day by highlighting the work it is doing to encourage gender parity across the business and in the telecoms sector.

As part of its commitment to diversity, equality and inclusivity, Svella Connect used International Women’s Day to highlight some of the key roles women play at all levels across the business.

Nichola Nixon, a senior programme manager for the build team on the Virgin Media contract, joined the company this year and heads a team of project managers, site supervisors and engineers.

She says that Svella Connect does not discriminate when hiring new staff and she is keen to help attract more women into the industry.

“Svella Connect has a high percentage of women in support and administrator roles and I have encouraged both female and male colleagues to get out on site to get a greater understanding of their roles and how they contribute to the business,” she said.

“I was an Ambassador for Women in the Workplace when I worked at Vodafone Global and I will continue to encourage women into the industry and to develop the careers of all existing staff.”

Angela Myers, a QESH advisor/training manager for Svella Connect, said: “Svella Connect doesn’t discriminate and allows all individuals to explore the different opportunities available.

“In the 18 years I have worked in the utility industry, the approach to diversity has changed massively and more women can be found in roles that were historically seen as male dominated. The industry is progressing and it is great to be part of a company that is encouraging women to look at roles they may not have considered before.

“Ensuring that recruitment opportunities are open to everyone, regardless of gender, race, colour and sexuality, will maintain Svella Connect’s industry-leading position and build a workforce that reflects modern society.

“Svella Connect also allows me to be there for my daughters and gives me the flexibility to manage my time to ensure a healthy work/home balance.”

Midlands safety advisor Kaylee Hamilton said: “At Svella Connect inclusion brings many benefits. Different perspectives are shared, leading to better decisions. So, no matter what your gender, the opportunity is there to flourish on the path you want to take.

“Within Svella some of the most important roles women play help everyone to work together to find new solutions, with the tenacity to do their role well while being open to change and willing to guide others.”

Svella Connect HR director Catherine Jackson added: “We are all very proud of the work Svella Connect is doing, not just on equality, but on diversity and sustainability too.

“The company has been quick to recognise that increasing female representation in the workplace will be beneficial for Svella Connect and good for the telecoms and digital infrastructure sector as a whole.

“People like Nichola, Angela and Kaylee show that gender is no barrier to success at Svella Connect.

“We work very hard on being an open, inclusive employer and our training and support procedures ensure that every employee, not matter who they are, has the chance to grow and thrive at Svella Connect.”

International Women’s Day looks to celebrate women’s achievements, raise awareness against bias and take action for equality.


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