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Svella Connect Invests In Comprehensive Learning Management System

Continuing its focus on people, skills and career development, Svella Connect has invested in a comprehensive Learning Management System (LMS) called Absorb.

Absorb is a cutting-edge LMS that provides many benefits to improve training and development across the business and will be rolled out to all colleagues in May 2023. It offers significant advantages that will help Svella Connect better identify individual training needs and a variety of features designed to simplify training management and improve the learning experience for all users.

Absorb provides access to an extensive library of over 190 courses, giving colleagues the opportunity to select courses that suit their professional development needs and ensuring they receive tailored training.

Additionally, the LMS will enable Svella Connect to track current levels of compliance across the organisation – an essential feature, especially for colleagues working in roles where strict Streetworks regulations must be adhered to.

Gary Thistlethwaite, Svella Connect Safety & Risk Director, said: “Absorb is set to be an exciting learning, skills development and compliance tool for Svella Connect. In addition to delivering training in a more bespoke way, we can ensure that all colleagues meet the necessary standards and requirements to perform their jobs safely and effectively by tracking compliance levels.

“The mobile-enabled feature is another significant benefit of Absorb, allowing colleagues access to training courses and resources from anywhere, at any time. This means that we can potentially provide training to colleagues without them having to travel to a training centre.

“Overall, investing in Absorb is a significant step forward for our organisation's learning and development ambitions and safety culture. By providing employees with engaging and informative training materials, we're empowering them to make informed decisions that reduce risk and improve overall safety.”

Nicola Arrowsmith, Svella Connect People Director, added: “The new Learning Management System is an investment in our employees’ development and career growth. By providing accessible and relevant training materials, we're creating a culture of continuous learning that supports our colleagues in achieving their full potential.

“The system will help us provide high-quality training, streamline the training management process, and enhance the learning experience for all our colleagues, not only benefitting our employees but positively impact our business by improving productivity and employee retention.

“We look forward to launching Absorb to all colleagues in May 2023 and seeing the positive impact it will have on our organisation.”


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