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Training & Inductions Increase As New Facility Comes Online

The opening of a dedicated training and induction facility in Warrington will mark a major milestone in Svella Connect’s drive towards being the employer of choice in the industry.

The investment in a new bespoke facility will provide an enhanced induction experience for new starters but also allow a better quality and increased numbers of training courses to be delivered to existing staff members across the business.

The company is also giving colleagues an opportunity to provide input as to how the new facility should be laid out and what should be included within it – suggestions can be emailed to

The current facility has seen induction training ramp up over the past few weeks and the training team is looking forward to welcome the new facilities.

Two training managers – Andrew Short and Angela Myers – will work to induct and train new employees, developing the skills and qualifications of the current workforce.

Andrew said: “We are creating a development journey for all employees, new and old.

“In the past one of the main reasons people were leaving was that they were never given any direct training or development so they couldn’t progress. We want to allow everyone to do the best job they can and develop their careers with external and internal qualifications.

“We want to progress as a company and to be the employees’ choice – that can only happen if people feel fully valued, not only by being paid well but also by being able to develop and progress.”

Andrew gave special thanks to Steven Myers, who designed the current facility to ensure new starters have been receiving induction training before going out on the job.

“He has taken the initiative and has been absolutely brilliant while work on the new training facility, which will give people a fully comprehensive training package, was taking place,” Andrew added.


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