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Updates To Svella Connect Dress Code Policy

Svella Connect has updated its dress code policy to ensure that all colleagues are both comfortable and smart while at work.

The policy has been designed to be flexible, while ensuring that everyone presents an appropriate, professional image at all times.

All employees, contractors and agency workers are responsible for ensuring they look smart, clean and are appropriately dressed at all times.

Items of clothing not permitted at any time include:

· Sports tops (eg football shirts)

· Ripped jeans

· Items of clothing or jewellery which may present a health and safety risk, eg flip-flops

· Revealing clothing

· Clothing displaying slogans or pictures which could be considered offensive

Svella Connect People Director Nicola Arrowsmith said: “The image we present of our business is important. This policy aims to balance individual preference to wear clothes in which they feel comfortable with the need to present a professional image to all our customers.

“We must be able to receive a visit from a customer, supplier or other key stakeholder at any time and know that we will be appropriately dressed and presenting a professional image.”

The dress code policy is available here and if you are unsure about any aspect of the dress code policy, please ask your manager or supervisor.


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