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Vehicle Users’ Responsibility For Maintenance And Safety

The importance of safe driving and effective vehicle maintenance has been reinforced ahead of Svella Connect’s major investment in new vehicles, trailers and plant.

To help avoid incidents or any public complaints, everyone using a vehicle has a duty to drive it responsibly, with care and to ensure it is well maintained. This involves regularly checking the oil, brakes and tyres and reporting any issues or defects to management as soon as possible - and ensure it is regularly washed.

Gary Thistlethwaite, Svella Connect’s Safety & Risk Director, said: “At Svella Connect, we take the safety of our employees and the general public extremely seriously. By investing in new equipment and emphasising the importance of proper vehicle maintenance and safe driving practices, we are committed to ensuring that everyone who interacts with our company can do so with confidence in our commitment to safety.

“To further support our employees, we are investing in brand new vehicles, trailers and plant. They will be a welcome addition to our fleet, and it is important that everyone takes good care of them to ensure their longevity and optimal performance.

“Proper maintenance and care not only prolong the life of our equipment but also help to prevent accidents on the road.

“In addition to taking care of our vehicles, it is also important for our employees to drive safely and to ensure that their passengers are safe at all times. This means following all traffic rules and regulations, avoiding distractions while driving and always wearing seat belts.”


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