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Svella Connect Completes Contract Novation With Virgin Media O2

Telecoms infrastructure provider Svella Connect has completed the transfer of contracts with Virgin Media O2, allowing it to continue delivering significant infrastructure projects over the coming years.

The supply contracts previously held with nmcn Plc, which entered administration in October, were successfully novated to Svella Connect – the new business created when Svella Plc acquired the telecoms division of nmcn out of administration.

Included is the delivery of a framework contract for Virgin Media O2 across the Northwest, Yorkshire and East Midlands – a key part of Virgin Media’s £2.5bn framework for the delivery of critical telecoms infrastructure across the UK.

This includes construction of new network infrastructure, new business installations, residential installation enablement and the delivery of specific projects to support Virgin Media in expanding its national network.

Gavin Davies, Svella Connect managing director, said: “The acquisition of the nmcn telecoms business by Svella Connect helped secure 680 skilled jobs and the continuation of a number of key national digital infrastructure projects.

"The completion of the transfer of the Virgin Media O2 contract is recognition of the confidence in Svella Connect to successfully deliver these projects. It’s a solid foundation to build the future success of our business and I’d like to thank Virgin Media O2, our colleagues and partners for their patience during the last few months.”


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